Code Newbie Podcast Goal


As I neared completing all of the available episodes of the Learn to Code with Me podcast I started to become concerned about what I would listen to when I was all caught up.  There are still new Learn to Code with Me episodes being created, but not at the rate that I was consuming them.  Thankfully this happened:


Laurence had a guest on her show named Saron Yitbarek who apparently has a podcast of her own.  I crossed my fingers that I would like it and really lucked out.  I LOVE the code newbie podcast.  I love it so much in fact that I had barely finished a couple episodes before booking a ticket to the Codeland conference in New York in April.  It is the first Code Newbie conference (you can still make plans to go!) and I could not be more excited.

So I just finished by 50th episode of the Code Newbie podcast.  As of today there are 118 episodes with a new one published every Monday.  My goal is to be completely caught up by the time I show up to the Codeland conference in April.  That’s a lot of podcasting!  Wish me luck 🙂

P.S. One of the best things about the Code Newbie podcast is the way Saron ends every episode with “Shoutouts.”  Both Saron and her guest name a few cool resources they love.  Saron publishes the shoutouts in the episode show notes along with any other resources that came up during the course of the episode.  These resources are always so cool and interesting that my OTHER goal is to eventually go through each one and test them all out for myself, while also doing some research to find out what those guests are up to today (while posting about it here of course!).  Stay tuned!


Learn to Code With Me Podcast


I am a Laurence Bradford super fan!  I have listened to every single episode of the podcast and I think she is such an amazing host.  I first found Learn to Code With Me when I was looking for a way to keep learning about tech when I couldn’t be at my computer.  I was digging around for podcasts designed for beginners and Learn to Code With Me was the first that I came across.

I think at first I was confused because I was expecting some kind of podcast tutorial series, but it’s actually Laurence talking to different guests about coding and tech.  It really helps with staying motivated, getting familiar with the tech lingo, and just feeling a little less alone on the learning journey.  I’m not going to lie – I feel pretty accomplished that I have managed to listen to all the episodes and now that I’ve caught up I look forward to listening to the new ones as they come in.

Laurence has more than just a podcast though.  On she also links to a blog and a free portfolio course.  I haven’t read through the blog yet but I did start on the free portfolio course.  I ended up taking a pause because I knew I would be creating my own portfolio in my Skillcrush bootcamp and I thought it would make more sense to go through it when I had my portfolio page up and running.  It is up now and ready to customize so I will be revisiting that course soon!

Since catching up on all the Learn to Code With Me episodes I’ve started making my way through the Code Newbie podcast (I’m up to episode 40) and I am really enjoying it!  After that my plan is to start on Developer Tea.  What podcasts are you listening to?