Galvanize: Intro to JavaScript


Tonight I went to a free Introduction to JavaScript course courtesy of Galvanize Seattle. ¬†Free for everyone, not me in particular, just in case you thought I had that kind of pull in this town ūüôā

This is my third visit to the Seattle Galvanize campus. ¬†The first time I popped in during an art walk hoping they’d let me take a look around (they didn’t) ¬†and the second time I went to an info session for their Web Development Immersive. ¬†I realize they do these free sessions for business reasons and not just out of the kindness of their hearts, but I still think it is a really cool thing for the community and I am happy to take advantage of it.

As expected we learned the very, very basics of JavaScript, but what wasn’t expected was the level of support in the room – the community evangelist (I think that is the right title) was there to give us an intro and there was also an instructor and three student helpers.

We walked away with a scrappy but fun rock, paper, scissors application and knowledge of some basic syntax and variables.  Also there was free coffee and snacks.  If you are in Seattle go check out one of their many free events!  Galvanize has campuses in other U.S. cities so if you are in Austin, Phoenix, New York, etc. you could also check them out.