Now I’m going to bed!


It’s live!


It is a static website so it is going to look funky on your phone but it’s up!  I bought a domain name, chose a hosting service, connected the two, downloaded an FTP client…I feel incredible!!

Getting that site up and running wraps up week 3 (week 3 ended today), and week 4 is spent coding another mock-up from scratch.  I am just about done with that – just need to fix two issues with my CSS.  So happy  🙂

Hope you are having a good night!

I feel amazing.


It is just a local file and I pretty much had my hand held through each line by the lesson, but I still feel like a million bucks.

Earlier this year I went out for my scuba certification and I remember the instructor telling us that the first breath you take underwater will be this incredible, exhilarating moment.  I didn’t feel that during my first underwater breath (or my second, third, etc.) but I have felt it so many times during this journey of learning to code.

So, so happy.  Thank you, Skillcrush!

I did it!

Today for the very, very first time, I feel like I am actually writing HTML and CSS.  I can’t remember exactly when I started learning – about a month and a half ago maybe?  I felt like I had been learning and learning without an actual translation into skill.

But today…I did it!!  About a month ago I sketched out a mock-up in Word/Powerpoint of what I want my site home page to look like:


I’ve been working on codepen writing and tweaking and look!  There it is!  In code!


Well… the top part anyway 🙂

Week 1 is officially over

In my last post I talked about how I had just signed up for a 9 month journey with Skillcrush.  Now that the first week is officially over (it started on Monday, 11/7) I am circling back to give you my impressions.

The Wordpress Bootcamp package I signed up for is starting with the Front End Developer blueprint and the description provided for that blueprint is: “You’ll learn how to code and launch an interactive website from scratch, and make it look beautiful and work like a dream on any screen size.”

The first class in that blueprint is Skillcrush 101: HTML and CSS and that class has a 4 week curriculum:

  • Week 1 – HTML “The first language you need to learn to be tech fluent is Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML! This week you’ll learn the fundamentals of this building block of the web.”
  • Week 2 – CSS “Are you ready to make your site look AMAZING?! That’s what CSS is for! This week, learn all about how to style text, add colors and backgrounds and borders, and even create lovely little layouts.”
  • Week 3 – Build and Launch Your First Website “Now that you’ve had some time to practice all your amazing new HTML & CSS skills, let’s use those skills to build and launch your very first website.”

When they say “week” they mean you get assigned new things to do every weekday, but there is nothing stopping you from not finishing or moving ahead.  Courses are lifetime access so as far as I know you can complete things as slowly as you want to.

So why attach things to a time frame at all?  Because during that time frame you have access to office hours for your group where you get to talk to an instructor with a small group of other folks in your same class.  A Google group gets created for your class where you can ask questions any time, and instructors drop in to answer questions in the Google group as well.

Because of that, I am not letting myself get farther than a week ahead (for example, on the calendar we have just finished Week 1 but I am almost finished with Week 2 assignments).  There are a lot of other different online resources that are free or less expensive, so without taking advantage of those resources the spend wouldn’t really make sense.

The issue I am running into is that a lot of other folks in the class are racing through, and the Google group postings are organized by class, not by week.  That means when going through those posts it is really hard to tell whether it is relevant to what you are learning at the moment or if someone is posting work that you won’t run into for weeks.  So with that context the idea of having a Google group for each blueprint class to secure a group of people who are in the same spot as you isn’t really working.

I think I will find the 20 minute office hour sessions more useful.  I am attending my first one tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

As far as the material goes and how the class works, it is definitely as advertised in their free 10 day bootcamp.  I really like that style.  I am able to work on it every day without getting burnt out and it makes learning really fun.  I love the colors and the graphics, the cute video theme music, etc.  I know that sounds like a really silly thing to call out as awesome, but the thing is that there are SO MANY online courses out there.  This is the only one I’ve seen that is cute.  I am not saying that is the criteria you should be using to pick a place to spend your money.  I am just saying it is what makes Skillcrush different.

The workload is super reasonable.  I have a full time job and not only have time to work ahead but also to work on learning to code via some other platforms online.

Overall I am really enjoying myself.  If you are curious about whether Skillcrush would be a fit for you I would definitely recommend hopping on the free bootcamp I linked above.  There are no tricks to that and you don’t have to put in any credit card info (you will start getting a bunch of emails from Skillcrush though).  If you like the free bootcamp you will like the classes.  If you don’t, you won’t!  Super easy.

I’m official: Skillcrush Bootcamp!

I just pulled the trigger on the Skillcrush WordPress Bootcamp and I could not be more excited!

The WordPress Bootcamp is essentially a package deal – buy three “blueprints” get $200 off.  Blueprints are the main type of offering at Skillcrush.  They are 3 months each, $149 paid each month or $399 all in one go.  They have a handful of blueprints available right now, but the three that come with the WordPress Bootcamp are Front End Development, WordPress Development, and Visual Design (in that order).  Because I bought the Bootcamp package I got three blueprints for a few dollars short of a grand.

It is 100% online and seems to be described as a go-at-your-own-pace, but each of the blueprints have specific start dates.  I guess the end dates are flexible?

I’ll be chronicling my journey here so I will just fill you in on the details as I go.  Since the blueprints are paced at 3 months each it looks like I’ll be around for 9 months.  Classes start on Monday.  Wish me luck!