Learn to Code With Me Podcast


I am a Laurence Bradford super fan!  I have listened to every single episode of the Learntocodewith.me podcast and I think she is such an amazing host.  I first found Learn to Code With Me when I was looking for a way to keep learning about tech when I couldn’t be at my computer.  I was digging around for podcasts designed for beginners and Learn to Code With Me was the first that I came across.

I think at first I was confused because I was expecting some kind of podcast tutorial series, but it’s actually Laurence talking to different guests about coding and tech.  It really helps with staying motivated, getting familiar with the tech lingo, and just feeling a little less alone on the learning journey.  I’m not going to lie – I feel pretty accomplished that I have managed to listen to all the episodes and now that I’ve caught up I look forward to listening to the new ones as they come in.

Laurence has more than just a podcast though.  On Learntocodewith.me she also links to a blog and a free portfolio course.  I haven’t read through the blog yet but I did start on the free portfolio course.  I ended up taking a pause because I knew I would be creating my own portfolio in my Skillcrush bootcamp and I thought it would make more sense to go through it when I had my portfolio page up and running.  It is up now and ready to customize so I will be revisiting that course soon!

Since catching up on all the Learn to Code With Me episodes I’ve started making my way through the Code Newbie podcast (I’m up to episode 40) and I am really enjoying it!  After that my plan is to start on Developer Tea.  What podcasts are you listening to?


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